Local Evansville business, TableLogix and its parent company ProLam Products are starting 2022 with a new chapter of ownership as former owner, Tom Ancona retires. FACILITYConcepts, a furniture manufacturer based out of Whitestown, Indiana, has acquired the businesses and plans to continue the legacy created for custom-built furniture. 

“We are excited to have an opportunity to partner with such highly experienced craftsmen.” Said COO, Don Mize. “Their employees’ skill set, dedication, and commitment to producing quality products are what made these companies of interest.”

By combining strengths, TableLogix and its new CEO, Ken Weaver, are excited for the expansion in both customer reach and in product creation. TableLogix looks to continue to provide customers with affordable, quality, American-made products, by leveraging on the systems and processes that have been established in FACILITYConcepts already to streamline operations and make the buying process easier for customers.

“This acquisition is a great addition to the FACILITYConcepts umbrella of product offers,” remarks President and CEO, Ken Weaver. “With labor shortages on the rise everywhere causing production delays, this dramatically expands our American manufacturing capabilities and will greatly increase our capacity for output for 2022 and beyond.” 

Among other business changes, TableLogix also refreshed its logo and is looking toward the future with a more sleek logo. The new design aims to reflect TableLogix’s mission of modern and custom furniture and appealing to a wider range of furniture designers. 

Table Logix and its parent company, Prolam Products, started in Evansville, Indiana over 30 years ago and plan to continue operations out of the Evansville plant. Prolam Products offers OEM furniture products and TableLogix is a one-stop-shop for custom, quality furniture for every type of venue and organization. As a turn-key operation, all products are designed, developed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States. For more information visit https://www.tablelogix.com/ or call (800)507-1662.