Image of product: 5006 Round Over Edge Solid Wood Plank Image of product: 5006 Round Over Edge Solid Wood Plank

5006 Round Over Edge Solid Wood Plank

The 5006 series table top includes 1-3/4” thick solid wood plank top with round over edge. Plank size random with maximum board width of 2-1/2”. This table comes standard in maple, red oak, white oak, white ash, or walnut. This table can also be upgraded with a distressed look.

Item Code: 5006
Category: Furniture Products , Table Tops , Tables , Wood


Available in standard widths of 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″ in various shapes including rectangle, square, clipped corner, and trapezoid. Please see the specification sheet for the exact dimensions that come standard. Customized sizes can be requested.

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