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The MURMUR collection is a series of modular benches that can be arranged in countless configurations. Solid surface accents, seat backs at your chosen height, or a well-placed arm can be added to any piece of your arrangement. The collection consists of three sizes of curved benches that follow a standard 60” radius curve, straight sections in several lengths, and an inflection piece that is designed to soften the transition from curved to straight. A traditional look to your seating can be achieved, or we can create a more playful atmosphere with this versatile collection. Any space can be accommodated with the myriad possibilities of MURMUR.

Bench Shapes

Additional Options

Murmur Options by Table Logix


Upholstery: Pieces covered in options of GR1- GR6 fabric or COM. Prices and yardage are based on a solid fabric. Both are subject to change during the ordering process if patterns are introduced.
Foam: Seat and back covered in commercial-grade, high-density foam.
Accents: Tabletops and accents are available in wood or solid surface, and laminate when specified.
Glides: Each unit comes with the necessary amount of adjustable glides.
Legs: The base price for all pieces is with 6”H round metal legs. Refer to “additional options” to make adjustments to each piece.
Sizing: Curve degrees are based on 60” radius curve unless specified otherwise.
Power: Power units available are Cove 2 Power/2 USB with 108” cord. They are available in black (B), white (W), or silver (S). They are also available with a Daisy Chain for an upcharge.

Ordering Information

1. Collection Name
2. Bench Name
3. Style
4. Top Type
5. Fabric Grade
6. Optional Back
7. Optional Arm (L – left, R-right, B-both)
8. Optional Leg
9. Optional Accent
10. Optional Power
11. Optional Back Shelf
*Skip step if not applicable

MMR – MS – BE – GR 4 – ARB – WL – WARB
(Murmur, Medium Straight, Bench, No Top, Grade 4 Fabric, No Back, Arms Both, Wood Leg, Wood Accent Both Arms, No Power, No Back Shelf)

Murmur Straight Booth with Both Arms and Power by Table Logix
Murmur Medium full coverage table by Table Logix
Murmur Straight Booth with Right Arm and Accent by Table Logix
Murmur straight booth by Table Logix
Murmur large straight table by Table Logix
Murmur outside curve booth by Table Logix