Como Chair Installation

This week’s featured product of the week is the Como Chair Series!

Step into the world of a modern and simplistic design with our latest featured product of the week: the Como chair series. This collection effortlessly combines industrial elements with practical design features, making it a standout choice for any space.

Crafted with a durable metal back and frame, the Como series showcases durability and stability. With many custom options for the seat, whether you prefer the warmth of wood or the comfort of upholstery, each seat option is expertly paired with a durable metal frame and nylon glides to protect both the chair and your floors while having the comfort and style your space is looking for.

What sets the Como series apart is its versatility. With seven unique styles to choose from, including a range of chairs and bar stools, there’s something to suit every preference and environment. Along with the versatility is the stackability of the Como chairs, helping open up your space and to keep your area clean and organized (Not including Como-6098S4 and Como-6098S5). Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist look or craving an urban-industrial vibe, the Como metal chair series offers endless possibilities to elevate your interior design. Transform your space with the Como chair series!




Width: 14” / Depth: 14” / Height: 33” / Seat Height: 18” / Weight: 10 lbs


Width: 20” / Depth: 14”/ Height: 29” / Seat Height: 18” / Weight: 10 lbs


Width: 14” / Depth: 14” / Height: 18” / Seat Height: 18” / Weight: 9 lbs


Width: 12” / Depth: 12” / Height: 24” / Seat Height: 24” / Weight: 8 lbs


Width: 12” / Depth: 12” / Height: 30” / Seat Height: 30” / Weight: 11 lbs


Width: 12” / Depth: 12” / Height: 39” / Seat Height: 30” / Weight: 12 lbs


Width: 12” / Depth: 12” / Height: 44” / Seat Height: 30” / Weight: 14 lbs


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