Olbia lounge chair rendering

The Toter Collection: Empowering Environmental Responsibility

In an era where environmental conservation is more critical than ever, businesses have a responsibility to adopt sustainable practices. From reducing water consumption to reevaluating business models, every effort counts. When it comes to furniture choices, it’s essential to make mindful and intentional decisions that prioritize the environment. A simple and effective step in this direction is to provide easy access to recycling with products like the Toter collection.

The Toter collection comprises waste enclosures and recycling enclosures, offering a comprehensive solution for your space. Each bin is designed to hold a 20-gallon bag, ensuring ample capacity for waste and recyclables. Additionally, the waste enclosure includes a built-in space for customers to return trays, plates, and bowls, promoting efficient waste separation.

At Table Logix, we wholeheartedly embrace the Toter collection for its ability to promote recycling accessibility. By incorporating two clearly labeled bins, customers are more likely to make environmentally conscious choices instead of disposing of everything into the landfill. These small steps can make a significant impact in reducing waste and preserving our planet.

As an Indiana-based company, Table Logix is dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing, and assembling our products in the USA. We take pride in our ability to customize designs or create entirely new products tailored to your specific requirements. With an ever-growing collection of furniture, Table Logix serves as your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs, from top to bottom. Join us in making sustainability a priority.

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