We’re all about that base, ‘bout that base, no trouble! Although often overlooked, table bases are essential! Without a strong, secure base, you could be looking at functional problems, as well as future structural problems, too. That’s why when looking into bases, we wanted to provide something durable, functional, and stylish. We’ve found the Labor Saver base to be top-of-the-line in all of these categories!

Labor Saver Bases are free-standing steel bases with all steel columns, top plates, and bases welded together. This base offers unparalleled structural integrity, while also being adaptable to your style. Offered in metal tones or a powder-coated finish of your choosing, this base is the perfect fit in any space.

We cannot talk about the benefits of Labor Saver Bases enough! These bases can be installed in a fraction of time – 500% less – compared to the traditional three-part cast iron bases, making it truly a LABOR SAVER product! The all-steel base will also not fracture like traditional cast iron bases.

Another great benefit of the labor saver bases, unlike other base styles, this base is all one steel piece. This means that while other bases can eventually fracture or come loose at all the various spots, Labor Saver Bases are formed to avoid this problem entirely!

Table Logix is an Indiana-based company, with products designed, developed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Our specialty is the ability to customize any of our designs or to create an entirely new product fitting your exact specifications. With an ever-growing collection of furniture, Table Logix is your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs from top to bottom.

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