Olbia lounge chair rendering

Manage Waste with Style: Introducing The Summit Waste Enclosure

Little details can make or break your space. Things like sizing and spacing of furniture items, comfort versus function, and even overall aesthetics. One little detail we tend to overlook is waste enclosures. If you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, we highly recommend the Summit waste enclosure.

The Summit waste enclosure combines style and function with a steel frame and HDPE planking. Large enough to hold two 20 gallon bags, but compact enough to be tucked into a corner, this piece is truly a stylish way to hide away the messy part of your business.

Style this item to perfection with powder coating in a rainbow of colors! Match your branding, a mood, or pick something neutral. No matter what you pick, this waste enclosure is sure to look sharp. If you want to take this design to the next level, upgrade to teak wood panels on the front and back!

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