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The Pinellas community table is this week’s Product of the Week!

The Pinellas bar-height community table is versatile for any space. This sleek and modern piece of table furniture is our featured Table Logix’s Product of the Week. 

The Pinellas community table comes in a standard size of 144 inches in length and stands at a height of 42 inches. The table boasts durable laminates on its tops and sides, with a variety of laminate finish options to choose from – you can explore these options in detail on our resources page.

The Pinellas bar-height community table is a testament to contemporary design. With clean lines and a minimalistic look, it seamlessly fits into a variety of settings and industries, from restaurant cafés to open-concept offices. Its modern design is complemented by the durable laminate finish, which not only adds to its aesthetic looks and sleek design but also ensures that it stands the test of time.

The bar-height design of the Pinellas table helps encourage social interaction and collaboration with its wide table frame and length. It’s the ideal choice for fostering a sense of community in spaces where people can gather, whether it’s for work or just having a place to hangout. The Pinellas versatility helps make it a “must have” in your space. Contact a Table Logix representative today to see if the Pinellas is right for your space.


As an Indiana-based company, Table Logix takes pride in designing, developing, manufacturing, and assembling our products in the USA. We specialize in customization, offering you the opportunity to personalize our designs or create entirely new products to meet your specific requirements. With our extensive collection of furniture, Table Logix is your go-to destination for all your furniture needs, from top to bottom.

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