Olbia lounge chair rendering

Our Featured Product of the Week is the Marrim Lounge!

Bring your space to life with the Marrim, our innovative series of nesting benches that seamlessly blend functionality with style. Perfect for modern design, the Marrim offers a versatile seating solution that adapts to your needs.

The Marrim series is a space-saving piece, allowing you to effortlessly pull out multiple benches for additional seating in tight spaces with its layering capabilities. When not in use, nest them together to transform the ensemble into what appears to be a stylish table. 

Crafted with an indestructible moisture-resistant ABS base, Marrim ensures durability and longevity of a fast pace busy setting. This feature not only protects against everyday wear and tear but also makes it suitable for installation on any type of flooring. The robust construction ensures that Marrim stands the test of time. As well with maintenance and cleaning, the moisture-resistant base can be easily wiped clean, keeping your space looking pristine for years to come. 

Versatility is at the core of Marrim’s design, making it the ideal choice for various occasions, Marrim effortlessly adapts to your needs. Along with the nesting capability, the Marrim is available in multiple lengths, from 33” to 72”. Whether you’re furnishing a cozy nook or a spacious area, Marrim can fit seamlessly into any setting, providing both style and comfort.

Bring variety to your space with Marrim – the product that brings on versatility and sophistication in modern furniture. This not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures that it complements any modern space, lobby, or workspace seamlessly.

As an Indiana-based company, Table Logix takes pride in designing, developing, manufacturing, and assembling our products in the USA. We specialize in customization, offering you the opportunity to personalize our designs or create entirely new products to meet your specific requirements. With our extensive collection of furniture, Table Logix is your go-to destination for all your furniture needs, from top to bottom.

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