Olbia lounge chair rendering

Here at Table Logix, we love a good booth. Booths are great for restaurants, common areas, and study spaces. They create extra seating, comfort, and style in any area. Let’s take a closer look at our Calypso booth.

The Calypso booth is a modern design, using a wrap-over upholstery style and a wooden end cap accent. It’s thoughtfully made with durability in mind for not only the exterior but the interior foam as well. This booth is offered in a wide variety of shapes that can be customized to your specifications, making it an excellent choice for any space.

The thing that makes the Calypso booth stand out is its upholstery customization! Endless styles are all at your fingertips in this single product. Pickets, diamond pleated buttons, and vertical channels are just some of the many styles to choose from. The Calypso truly offers an option for everyone!

Table Logix is an Indiana-based company, with products designed, developed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Our specialty is the ability to customize any of our designs or to create an entirely new product fitting your exact specifications. With an ever-growing collection of furniture, Table Logix is your one-stop shop for all your furniture needs from top to bottom.

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