Stools are a great way to create diverse seating in any space. Commonly we think of stools in restaurant spaces, but they’re also an exciting option in lounges, workspaces, and common areas to create more depth and give your clients more seating options for their comfort. If you’re looking for a stool, let us introduce our new Alma stool.

The Alma stool is a stylish stool seating. Fun and functional, this stool is a standard 30” height, making it a great solution for most spaces. It features a traditional style that will seamlessly blend with any space!

One thing that stands out about the Alma stool is the chrome foot ring. This simple detail allows the Alma stool to have an elevated level of comfort not seen in some other styles. Combine that comfort with your personalized upholstery style and the Alma stool is a perfect choice!

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