As we walk into a new year, we can’t help but reflect on the last year’s victories. Our company expanded and improved, but one of the things we’re most pleased to share is our environmental impact!

When we create a product, we do our best to ensure the highest quality, the best service, and the lowest environmental impact possible. Through our LEAF initiative, we prioritize the environment in every aspect of production, including replacing the trees we use. For every solid wood table top sold, we plant one new tree. Throughout 2022, we partnered with a Forest Fire Recovery program to plant 1,000 trees!

“Reforestation is one of the best ways to restore soils and landscapes that have been degraded by high-intensity forest fires. We’re planting trees in areas that have been severely affected by forest fires and aren’t able to recover a healthy ecosystem on their own”, said Ken Weaver, CEO of FCi Companies.

The Forest Fire Recovery program is dedicated to replacing trees after forest fires around the world. The partnering organization has planted over 40 million trees worldwide since 2014. FCi Companies is proud to play a part in those millions of trees planted annually. 

FCi and our family of brands take pride in giving back to our community and to the planet. We worked hard to develop our LEAF initiative and are proud of our employees to maintain this level of commitment. LEAF stands for Leveraging Environmental Advantages for our Future and includes initiatives like planting trees, choosing environmentally conscious materials, recycling, limiting toxic chemicals, and so much more! To learn more info about our LEAF initiative, see 

Six unique brands work together under the parent company of FCi Companies, providing quality products and services. The six brands, while operating independently synergize resources and talents to achieve common goals. These brands include Facility Concepts, Table Logix, SurfaceTech, Prolam Products, Tabb Logistics, and International Woodworking.